Identity Elements

The university's logotype, signatures, and other main marks comprise Rutgers Visual Identity System, a key element of Rutgers' brand. These marks may not be altered in any way: 

Need logo files? Visit Logos and Templates to download files in various formats, or to request something new. Before using logos or elements of Rutgers Visual Identity System, please read our Guidelines for Use.

Questions? For more detailed information regarding these marks, please refer to the Rutgers Visual Identity System User Guide [PDF]. You can also contact us at


Rutgers logotype sample

A logotype is a logo composed of text. In our case, it is the word "Rutgers." The Rutgers logotype is the primary element of the Rutgers Visual Identity System.

  • The logotype or an approved version (see below) of the Rutgers logotype with signature must appear on all Rutgers communications.
  • It may not be modified in any way.
  • The Rutgers logotype may not be attached to any typographic or graphic element other than a unit signature or the Rutgers shield.

Logotype with signatures

Signatures are an optional element of the visual identity system. However, if text is combined directly with the logotype it must follow these signature guidelines.

Four signature styles have been developed to allow flexibility and give university units a tool for unique identification. Each of these signature types has similar spacing, with distinct but aligned font treatments to allow for differentiation.

All unit signatures are created centrally and provided to the units. To access existing signatures or request a new signature, go to Logos and Templates. For more details regarding the signature system, go to the Rutgers Visual Identity System User Guide [PDF].


Signature Style 1:  
Rutgers signature style 1 Logotype with the State University OR Chancellor-Level Signature
Signature Style 2:   
Rutgers signature style 2 Logotype with School Name OR Central Administration Office
Signature Style 3:  This signature style allows the addition of a second level of signature text under the chancellor-level distinction. It uses the fonts of Style 1 in the first line of text and the font style of Style 2 in the second line of text:
Rutgers signature style 3 Logotype with Chancellor- Level Signature AND School or Program Name
Signature Style 4:  This signature style allows the addition of a second level of signature text under the school or central administration office name. It uses the fonts of Style 2 in the first line of text and the font style of Style 1 in the second line of text:
Rutgers signature style 4 Logotype with School Name or Central Administration Office AND a Unit or Initiative Name


The Shield

Rutgers Shield

Introduced in celebration of Rutgers' 250th anniversary in 2016, the shield honors our roots and affirms our values. Learn more about the symbolism in the Rutgers shield. The shield may be used alone or alongside the Rutgers logotype or the Rutgers logotype with a signature.

The Block R

Block R   Block R Newark   Block R Camden



The Block R is used as a spirit and athletic mark, and may:

  • Only be reproduced in red (Pantone® 186) or white; with or without a black, white, or red (Pantone® 186) outline.
  • Not be filled with text, designs, or symbols; a double outline may not be placed around it;  and you may not place anything on top of it.
  • Not be used in conjunction with or in place of the Rutgers logotype. Its use on stationery is limited to Rutgers intercollegiate athletics.
  • To use the Block R with text underneath on merchandise, contact the Office of Trademark Licensing.

For information on using the Block R:

Rutgers Health logotype

Rutgers Health logo

In 2016, the Board of Governors approved the establishment of Rutgers Health, a single brand for all of Rutgers' clinical practices for patient care and services. Detailed direction on use and implementation is available from the Rutgers Health communications team.

Official Rutgers University Seal

Rutgers Official University Seal

Rutgers' official seal is born of traditions centuries in the making and is the official imprimatur of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. As such, it appears on official documents, such as contracts and deeds, and, most notably, on the diplomas issued to graduates of the university. The outer ring contains the name of the university. The inner ring includes the date of Rutgers’ founding, 1766, as Queen’s College, the eighth institution of higher learning established in the American colonies.

The university’s motto, “Sun of righteousness, shine upon the West also,” appears in Latin in the inner ring, surrounding a stylized sunburst. The motto is an adaptation of the motto of the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, connoting the original college’s early affiliation with the Dutch Reformed Church. It is today interpreted as a request for the enlightenment of learning to shine equally upon the New World.

The official seal has very limited use, primarily on official university documents. It may be used by university offices, with authorization, as a design element on important ceremonial communications, such as formal invitations. All such uses require the prior approval of the Office of the Vice President for University Communications and Marketing.