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Visual Identity

Official standards for using Rutgers' logos and other identity elements.

Policy Information

A strong visual identity strengthens Rutgers. The Rutgers Visual Identity System, mandated by the Board of Governors in 2006, defines the standards for using Rutgers' logos and other identity elements.

The visual identity policy must be followed by everyone using Rutgers' name and logos.

What Does the Policy Do?

  • States that the official logotype, signatures, and marks in the visual identity system are the only sanctioned marks for use across the university.
  • Mandates that no other marks or symbols replace the official Rutgers Visual Identity System.
  • Requires all university units to use the Rutgers name and the visual identity system.
  • Requires all university officers to support the proper use of the Rutgers name and the visual identity system and follow the policies and guidelines.
  • Creates a minimum visual identity requirement for all communications on behalf of Rutgers to use the Rutgers logotype as well as the appropriate Rutgers name.

How the Policy Affects You

The Rutgers Visual Identity System is a common set of graphic elements, colors, and symbols outlined for use by the university community. Using the visual identity system helps everyone quickly recognize Rutgers and immediately associate the stature of the university’s brand with its numerous units, services, and programs.

The official logos and visual identity elements in the system are the only sanctioned marks for use across the university. Download or create unit signatures using the Rutgers Signature Generator.

The Visual Identity User Guide has all the color, size, spacing, and usage details to help you use the Rutgers logos correctly.


Cover of the Rutgers Visual Identity System User Guide

Identity Elements

The university's logotype, signatures, and other main marks comprise Rutgers Visual Identity System.

These marks may not be altered in any way.

For details, refer to the Rutgers Visual Identity System User Guide [PDF], or email

Rutgers Logotype with Signatures

A Rutgers logotype with identifying text underneath is called a signature. Signatures are an optional element of the visual identity system.

There are four approved signature styles to allow flexibility and give university units a tool for unique identification.

The individual unit signatures are available for download using the signature generator.  

Rutgers University Seal

Rutgers' official seal is only used on official university documents, such as contracts and deeds, and, most notably, on the diplomas issued to graduates of the university. 

The Block R

The Block R is used as a spirit and athletic mark. The Block R is only used in red or white, and is never filled with text, designs, or symbols.

This mark is not to be used in conjunction with or in place of the Rutgers logotype. Its use on stationery or for official communications is limited to Rutgers intercollegiate athletics. 

To use the Block R with text underneath on merchandise, contact the Office of Trademark Licensing. 


Rutgers' official color is scarlet (Pantone® 186 and website HTML# cc0033).

Scarlet is often used with coordinating colors gray (Pantone® 431), black, and white.

Specific color details for print, web, and video formats can be found in the Rutgers Visual Identity User Guide [PDF]

Rutgers Logotype

A logotype is a logo composed of text. In our case, it is the word "Rutgers." The Rutgers logotype is the primary element of the Rutgers Visual Identity System.

The Rutgers logotype with or without a signature must appear on all Rutgers communications. 

Rutgers Shield

Introduced in celebration of Rutgers' 250th anniversary in 2016, the shield honors our roots and affirms our values.

The shield may be used alone or alongside the Rutgers logotype with or without a signature.

Rutgers Health Logotype

Rutgers Health is the brand for all of Rutgers' clinical practices for patient care and services.

Detailed direction on use and implementation is available from the Rutgers Health communications team.


The following fonts make up the elements of the Rutgers logotype and signature text. These fonts are not required for any other use at Rutgers.
Source Sans Pro: This font can be accessed through Adobe Fonts
ITC Giovanni: This font can be accessed through Adobe Fonts

How to use the Rutgers Visual Identity System

The Rutgers Visual Identity System provides specific guidelines and standards for using Rutgers' marks, signatures, and other identity elements in all university communications and on university-authorized products.

The Rutgers logos are federally protected trademarks. Permission to use these marks is granted solely to university units, faculty, staff, student groups, and approved vendors.

Rutgers staff and faculty must use the Rutgers visual identity on all forms of communications, including but not limited to:

  • Print Materials: Including, but not limited to, flyers, brochures, advertisements, posters, etc.
  • Digital Ads and Broadcast Email: Including, but not limited to, HTML emails, digital ads, Jumbotrons, e-newsletters or broadcast emails, blogs, wikis, and all other forms of electronic marketing or digital communications.
  • Digital Badges: UCM has worked with Academic Affairs to develop required identity guidelines for digital badges. Templates are provided to create your own badge designs using these guidelines. 
  • Videos and Digital Displays: Including, but not limited to, television commercials, large digital screens, low-definition website videos, and high-definition documentaries. 
  • Websites: All university websites must include the Rutgers logotype, with or without a signature, at the top of every webpage. For additional information, visit Website Resources.
  • Internal Communications: Including, but not limited to, forms, presentations, flyers, and any other communications for Rutgers faculty, staff, and students.
  • Merchandise: All forms of university branded promotional items including display materials, awards, apparel, nametags, or any other products or merchandise. is designed to make ordering promotional products fast and convenient. All Rutgers-branded merchandise must be obtained from a vendor who has a trademark licensing agreement with the university.
  • Stationery: Dupli Envelope & Graphics is a preferred vendor for ordering stationery items. Contact Dupli Envelope & Graphics, Maria Homer at or 800-724-2477, ext. 7252. 
  • Clinical Attire: The university has contracted with Unitex to produce all lab coats. Work with University Procurement Services to order lab coats through the preferred vendor.
  • Interior and Building Signage: Full signage standards are managed by Institutional Planning and Operations. Learn more about the process for requesting exterior or interior signage
  • Vehicle Signage: For information or requests related to branding university vehicles, contact Dave Haines at or 848-445-6760.

Examples of use and detailed guidelines can be found in the Visual Identity User Guide.