Brand Policies

Brand Policies

University Communications and Marketing manages the definition, oversight, and implementation of the following universitywide policies that protect the integrity of the Rutgers brand. Details for the processes related to complying with these policies can be found on the corresponding Brand Policies pages. 


The Purchase of External Advertising policy allows the purchase of external advertising, but requires all ads or sponsored content to be reviewed and approved by University Communications and Marketing.  

The policy on Endorsements, Sponsorships, and Advertising in and on University Assets and Communication Materials includes requirements about how departments can accept advertising from external organizations on Rutgers-owned materials and assets.

Communicating with the Media

This policy outlines how to work with the media—from sharing university news to receiving requests for faculty experts to providing media campus access.


This policy does not permit faculty, staff, or departments to endorse, refer to, or speak about the use of a service or product from a third party beyond the statement of fact.


This policy outlines the requirements that must be followed to accept sponsorships for university programs and events.

Filming & Photography on campus

This policy outlines the process on how to handle requests by outside organizations to video, record, or photograph at any Rutgers location.

Trademark Licensing

This policy provides guidance on how the Rutgers trademarks can be used. Use of the Rutgers trademarked names and symbols must be approved by the Office of Trademark Licensing.

Visual IdentitY System

This policy states all units must use the Rutgers name and logo. No other identifying marks may be used in conjunction with or to replace the official elements of Rutgers Visual Identity System.

Website Policy

The University Web Policy outlines requirements for all university-created websites that provide official information about Rutgers to the public to ensure that our web communications are in alignment with the university's identity, missions, and goals.

More Policy Information

The Rutgers University Policy Library is maintained and managed by the Office of the Secretary of the University. Questions about the process for developing policies should be directed to the Office of the Secretary of the University at or 848-932-7434.