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Brand Policies

University policies protect the Rutgers brand.

As you work to promote your program, unit, research, or initiative, remember that Rutgers has policies in place to help guide university communications.

University Communications and Marketing (UCM) oversees the implementation of the following policies that protect the Rutgers brand. Details for the processes related to complying with these policies can be found on the corresponding Brand Policies pages and Communications Policy Quick Guide [PDF].

Paid content and all advertisements must include an official Rutgers logo and are required to be reviewed to ensure that the university is presented to the public in a consistent and coherent manner. 

Official information from Rutgers must be released to the news media by the designated university and campus communications offices.

Restrictions on faculty, staff, or departments in endorsements and requirements for the acceptance of sponsorships.  

Managing requests by outside organizations to video, record, or photograph at Rutgers locations.

The names, logos, marks, and symbols in the Rutgers Visual Identity System are the only sanctioned marks for use across the university.

Guidance and approval requirements for using Rutgers' trademarked names and symbols.

Guidelines for content, accuracy, accessibility, and management requirements for all websites representing Rutgers.

More Policy Information

The Rutgers University Policy Library is maintained and managed by the Office of the Secretary of the University. Questions about the process for developing policies should be directed to the Office of the Secretary of the University at or 848-932-7434.