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Rutgers Core Component Library

Save time and money with your next website project using the Rutgers Core Component Library (RCCL). 

Making Website Management Easier

The Rutgers Core Component Library (RCCL) provides a set of visually attractive website design elements that adhere to Rutgers brand standards and university accessibility policies. With the assistance of a Drupal developer, have the RCCL installed and configured, and you add the content. Use the alternative homepage template included or create your own homepage working with a website front-end developer. Units are responsible for securing website developer assistance. Best of all, your Drupal website developer can build on the system to meet your specific needs. Not using Drupal? You can still use the component library by having a web developer integrate the library designs with your own website system. See the getting started section below to learn more.

A Ready-to-Install Drupal Design System

Drupal Version

Intuitive Open-Source Content Management

Content Types

Build Engaging Pages

Build With

Components and Modules to Create Attractive Content

Highlighted Features

  • Drupal logo

    Similar to Wordpress or Joomla, but more powerful, Drupal allows editors to edit, save, publish, and unpublish text, images, and documents through an intuitive interface. Editors no longer need to know HTML or other complex website coding to create engaging webpages. The Drupal content management system provides for Twig based-theming, with a PHP foundation that is flexible, fast, and secure. The latest version of Drupal puts the mobile experience first. In addition, configuration management is built in and stored in separate files from the site database.

  • Content Moderation/Workflow: Go beyond publishing and unpublishing your content. The RCCL offers an enhanced workflow where you can publish a page and work on an unpublished draft of a page at the same time. Share links to your unpublished draft with authenticated users, i.e., those who have login permissions. This powerful feature lets you prepare a webpage in place prior to publishing it.

    Permissions: The RCCL provides basic roles and permissions including anonymous user, authenticated user, administrator, editor, contributor, and syndication API. Administrators have full rights. While editors can publish, contributors can create content but cannot publish content. Individual site owners can create new roles and permissions working with their website developer. The syndication API role gives users the ability to access the library's content syndication feature.


  • Share your content and curate content from other sites within the RCCL ecosystem. 

    • Available for specific content types only: articles, feature articles, and events.
    • Share and reuse content with other ecosystem websites via digital subscription.
    • Publisher chooses the content they want to syndicate, i.e., make available to others, by checking the "Share for Syndication" button at the bottom of their editing page. (See screenshot below.)
    • The subscriber's local copy gets automatic updates to the originally published article.
    Content Syndication




  • Conveniently, create a staff directory and add as much information or just the basics for each person by creating a "Person" content type  for each staff member.

    • The staff directory view includes several fields with a title label that you can customize as needed.
      • Tag the person to a unit or departments to create filtered views.
    RCCL Staff Directory View


    • Categorize events and display them within the site based on category
    • Include images, information, registration button, or links
    • Share and subscribe to events among ecosystem websites
    • Use the events display on various pages

    Using the Event content type, add your events details and publish on the site. No need to worry about removing events, they will automatically no longer be displayed on the site after the time and date have passed.

    Events Content Type

    Events Listing View Page

    The Events Listing page displays tabs with all events, featured events, and other information. The page also allows events to be filtered by keyword, date, division, and category.

    Events Listing Page


    Events News Display Component

    Use this component to add events to various content templates, where available.

    RCCL Events Display

Getting Started

  • Required: Please tell us more about your project. Provided by University Communications and Marketing, this demo provides an overview of the RCCL's design and functional benefits. We'll also discuss your own project and next steps.

    Complete the Component Library Interest Form

  • Free, video-based training is available anytime through the Canvas Learning Management System.

    University Website Policy

    Understand the university's website policies and best practices to better serve university audiences. 
    Time: 25 minutes

    University Visual Identity

    Learn about how to use the university's visual identity system to benefit your unit.
    Time: 10-15 minutes

    Go to Canvas to Enroll and Take the Courses

  • Once you've decided to use the Core Library, the website owner/manager and any contracted vendor must complete the Terms of Usage Agreement (available online).

    Please be sure to review the full text of the terms of usage, which touch on these points:

    • Must be submitted by the user and website vendor/consultant. 
    • All web developers using the RCCL, must:
      • Provide administrative and end-user training for the RCCL and any new components and any third-party tools needed to maintain the website. 
      • Prior to planned modifications or extensions of the RCCL, present a technical and/or design modification plan in writing to the Component Library Working Group at  
      • Provide full technical and end-user documentation for modifications and extensions to the RCCL by contacting the working group webdev team at 
    • Accept the component library repository for use as-is except for bugs.
    • Use the Rutgers Core Component Library in a manner that is consistent with its intended use.
    • Obtain project review from R-Comm office, if a user is affiliated with Rutgers University-New Brunswick or RBHS.
    • Consult with the Component Library Working Group prior to modifying the RCCL. 
    • Accept full responsibility for modifications or changes.
    • Don't replicate the unique top-most homepage components of others without express written consent from the website owner.
    • Become a member of the RCCL-Drupal User Group (Rutgers Microsoft Teams Group).
    • Contribute best-in-class components or functionality back to the Rutgers Core Component Library.
    • Maintain user accessibility in accordance with university guidelines.

    Fill Out the Terms of Usage Form (Qualtrics)

  • All website owners, editors, and developers, as well as external vendors, must be familiar and adhere to the Rutgers university website policy, which ensures that Rutgers' digital experiences are consistent, professional, accessible to those with disabilities, accurate, easy to find and navigate, and timely.

    The policy:

    • Provides standards for use and content maintenance of websites that provide official university information to its constituents.
    • Provides guidelines for website administration and management.
    • Establishes an annual website certification by members of the Rutgers Administrative Council.
    • Defines the process for the assignment of domain names for Rutgers websites.

    Learn more about the university website policy


  • RCCL users will benefit by joining the Rutgers Core Component Library - Drupal User Group Team website, regardless of your use of Drupal. Access user guides and training material, post questions, and receive updates about the RCCL. Access to a private channel will be set up for your RCCL project. Members of the university who are not using the RCCL are also invited to join this community of website owners, managers, and enthusiasts. 

    Join the Drupal User Group Team
    (Rutgers NetID/Connect Account Required, Opens Microsoft Teams.)


A Collaborative Initiative

The Rutgers Core Component Library initiative is managed by the department of University Communications and Marketing in partnership with Rutgers Office of Information Technology, Rutgers Communications (R-Comm) and the Office for Research. The component library is governed and maintained by members of the Component Library Working Group.