Visual Identity System

A Strong Visual Identity Strengthens Rutgers

The visual identity system, mandated by the Rutgers Board of Governors in 2006, defines the standards for using Rutgers' logos and other identity elements.

Rutgers Brand Umbrella

Key Requirements

  • The logos, marks, symbols, and any other university trademarks in the visual identity system are the ONLY sanctioned marks for use across the university.
  • No other marks or symbols may be used or created in conjunction with or to replace the official Rutgers identity.
  • All university units must use the Rutgers name and the unified visual identity system.
  • Obtain approval from the Office of Trademark Licensing and use licensed vendors when using the Rutgers logotype, signatures, or any other marks on branded merchandise or promotional items.

Contact Us

For visual identity and trademark licensing information, please contact:

Aaron Spiegeland
Associate Director of Trademark Licensing
Phone: 848-932-0586

Elyse Carlson
Visual Identity Manager
Phone: 848-932-0558