Information for ACE Suppliers

Are you interested in working with the many diverse departments and programs at Rutgers to help fulfill their marketing and communications needs? The ACE—Access to Communications (and marketing) Experts— program is a way for suppliers to be ready to work with Rutgers faculty and staff in a quick and efficient way.

The ACE program establishes master service agreements between suppliers and Rutgers. Through these agreements, necessary paperwork is gathered from suppliers and not-to-exceed service rates are established. By handling the administration of university requirements ahead of time, both suppliers and Rutgers departments benefit. To facilitate these contracts, University Procurement Services will retain for all ACE Suppliers:

  • W-9 forms (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification);
  • BAA form (Business Associate Agreement); and
  • master contracts with pre-established service rates.

Training Requirements

Upon entering the ACE program, and annually after that, suppliers must attend required training—either in person or virtually. This training, led by University Communications and Marketing, is required and will ensure that all ACE suppliers are aware of and responsible for adhering to:

  • Rutgers brand and visual identity standards;
  • communications-related policies and procedures; and
  • procurement-related policies and procedures.

Apply to the program

For new firms in the service categories below who would like to be considered for a master service agreement, please complete the ACE Supplier Consideration Form. The list of suppliers interested in the ACE program and that have completed the online form will be reviewed periodically.  If there is an opportunity to become an ACE supplier, you may be contacted.

ACE Service Categories

  • Advertising Strategy/Media Buying
  • Communications Messaging and Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Market and Audience Research
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Marketing Writing/Editing
  • Photography
  • Public Relations
  • Video/Filming
  • Website Design and Development