ACE Process

The ACE program provides easy access to suppliers who have contracts in place with the university and have been trained on Rutgers brand assets and on the university’s communications and procurement policies.


Step 1 Project Concept Rutgers unit has marketing/communications need.
Step 2 ACE List Unit consults the ACE supplier list that includes contact information, services provided, contracted rates, and others at Rutgers who have used the firm, and identifies possible ACE firms that can help. 
Step 3 Request Quotes Unit fills out a Request for Quote form and emails it to ACE firms. Project budgets under $150,000 require one quote, more than $150,000 requires multiple quotes. 
UCM is available to help you develop your Request for Quote.
Step 4 ACE Bids Firms respond to the Request for Quote.
Step 5 ACE Selection Based on quotes received, unit selects the ACE firm to work with. 
UCM is available to help review proposals.
Step 6 SOW Unit completes a Statement of Work (SOW) based on quote and submits a service request in RU Marketplace. No need for additional paperwork—it’s all taken care of ahead of time!
Step 7 Purchase Order Procurement issues a purchase order (PO). No work may begin without a PO!
Step 8 Work Begins Unit and ACE firm work together as outlined in SOW.
Step 9 Invoicing Once work is complete, the ACE supplier invoices the unit against the PO, adhering to the rates and terms of their Rutgers SOW.
Step 10 Feedback After project completion, UCM reaches out to the unit for feedback on working with the ACE program.