Visual Identity FAQ

How can I download a signature file?

Visit the signature generator to search for an existing signature or to request a signature for your center, institute, administrative office, or other university unit. Each package includes EPS and PNG files with and without the shield. Templates for desktop letterhead, Powerpoint, and email address signatures, as well as a Read Me PDF are also included. Read the Guidelines for Use to learn how to use the Rutgers Visual Identity System.

Why can’t I make my own signature?

The signature files are developed to ensure consistency of the visual identity system elements. Placement of the text underneath the logotype and using the correct font and text size are key factors when creating signatures. The signature generator does all the work for you, so there is no need to create your own signature.

Who decides if a program, department, or initiative can have a signature?

Once you request a signature through the signature generator, the request will be sent to the unit's local approver for review.

Can I use the Block R (spirit mark) on promotional products?

Intercollegiate athletics, student organizations, sports clubs, and the alumni association may use the "Block R" spirit mark on promotional products. Other units must seek the assistance of the Office of Trademark Licensing. The Block R may not be altered in any way, and it may only be reproduced according to the Rutgers Visual Identity System.

Why won’t you give me the graphic files for the logotype/shield/Block R?

The Block R is a more controlled mark and is only released to vendors upon request to ensure that it is used appropriately on spirit merchandise.

Who do I contact for further assistance with ordering promotional items or using Rutgers Visual Identity System?

For further assistance, contact

Can I create my own logo?

No. University departments may not create distinctive logos, as per the Board of Governors. Student groups may create their own logo as long as the name of their student group appears prominently on the product. Student groups may also use the trademarks of the university as long as they follow the standards outlined in the Rutgers Visual Identity System. Please contact the Office of Trademark Licensing for assistance.

I think my center, department, program, etc. needs a distinctive logo. How can I request an exemption from the Rutgers visual identity policy?

Rutgers permits very few exemptions from the visual identity policy. Typical exemptions are requirements related to grant-funded programs or projects with many stakeholders alongside Rutgers. You may contact us at to find out the criteria for an exemption and the next steps for requesting one. Consider requesting a Rutgers signature for your department or program.

I see my colleague’s program, center, project isn’t using a Rutgers logo. How come they aren’t complying with the visual identity policy but I have to?

Don’t assume that programs you see with different logos have gotten special permission. The visual identity team does our very best to ensure compliance with the visual identity policy. However, Rutgers is a large and ever-changing institution. If you see a mark that you believe is outside the visual identity, please contact us at and we will follow up. 

Why do I need to be concerned with Rutgers’ trademarks when buying T-shirts, mugs, and other promotional items?

In order to protect the Rutgers name and avoid liability issues, all items with Rutgers’ trademarks, from a pen with the words "Go Rutgers" to a T-shirt with the name of a Rutgers student club, must be purchased from a company that is authorized to sell merchandise with the Rutgers name. Please review the Branded Apparel and Swag site before making your purchase.

When ordering merchandise, does the registration mark ® need to be included on merchandise?

Any time you use the federally registered trademarks of the university on merchandise, it must include the registration mark ®. This includes the word Rutgers or Rutgers logotype, Block R, shield, and scarlet knights text or logo. A "TM" would be used after Scarlet Raiders and Scarlet Raptors.

Can I use the official Rutgers seal for my promotion?

No. The university seal has a very limited use on official university documents, such as contracts and deeds. It may also be used on commencement-related items, such as academic diplomas, program certificates, as well as convocation and diploma covers. Permission is required to use the seal on commencement-related products. Please contact us at to request permission.

How do I order stationery items such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc. for my department?

  • Departments purchasing stationery may do so electronically through RU MarketPlace. Look for the punch-out for Dupli. If you do not have access to RU MarketPlace, you will need to contact your business manager for assistance.
  • Students and student groups may contact, for assistance with ordering business cards.