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Social Media Guidelines

Social media has changed the way we interact with our audiences within the university and across the world. It’s important to remember that social media administrators must also adhere to the same university policies in the digital arena as they do offline. That includes policies that address such issues as protecting the privacy of students and patients, as well as the use of university logos and images. A list of relevant policies can be found below.

For a list of accounts currently managed by schools and units at Rutgers, please see our Social Media Directory.

Related Rutgers Policies

Social media administrators should follow all applicable university policies when posting and responding to content on social media websites, including but not limited to:

70.1.1 Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology Resources
80.1.2 Rutgers University Trademark Management and Licensing Policy
80.1.3 Purchase of External Advertising
80.1.4 Endorsements, Sponsorships, and Advertising in and on University Assets and Communication Materials
80.1.5 University Visual Identity
80.1.6 Communication and Relations with the News Media

Policies can be found in the Rutgers University Policy Library.

Conduct on Personal Social Media Accounts

Faculty, staff, and students should always be aware of how they identify and present themselves to the public via their own accounts as they may be seen as de facto Rutgers authorities.

If you distribute or comment on information related to Rutgers via personal accounts, it’s important for you to clarify whether you are doing so in an official capacity or as a private individual. Make it clear that your personal comments represent your own viewpoints and not those of the university or its administrators. Keep in mind that any of your social media conduct may be copied or distributed by others long after you post it. You may be held liable for published information or find that it is used against you in an employment situation. Faculty and staff should also be sure to follow all applicable university policies, including but not limited to those addressing student and patient privacy, when conducting their own activities on social media.