Photo Resources

Photo Resources

Strong, high-quality visual imagery in your communications projects attracts attention, conveys messages, and tells Rutgers’ many audiences that the university values quality and clarity.

Use Rutgers Photography

Whenever possible, it is preferable to use images supplied by and taken at Rutgers. If you are showing students, faculty, staff, or alumni, seek out available Rutgers images or arrange for a photo shoot if you cannot find what you need. Use real members of the Rutgers community, not commercial stock photography, when showing people.

Rutgers University Photo Gallery

Rutgers University Photo Gallery offers a collection of digital images of Rutgers’ buildings, faculty, staff, and students. Use of the gallery is restricted to members of the Rutgers community and a NetID and password are required to gain access.

University Communications and Marketing's Photo Library

Images are also available through University Communications and Marketing's Photo Library, which contains an extensive collection of photographs including many of the ones seen on Rutgers websites and printed materials. For assistance selecting images for your needs, contact Jane Hart, Creative Services Photo Archivist, 848-445-1920.

Special Collections and University Archives

Located in the Alexander Library at Rutgers University–New Brunswick, Special Collections and University Archives houses an eclectic collection of photographs and prints numbering in excess of 200,000 images, including several thousand postcards. New Jersey scenes and people are especially well documented, as are images relating to United States history through the Civil War. There are also many images relating to Rutgers history.

Hire a Photographer

University Procurement Services can guide you through the process of purchasing professional services. You will need to identify photography vendors who can provide the services you need. Nick Romanenko, university photographer, can provide you with recommendations for freelance photographers. Additional resources are available on the Precontracted Marketing and Communications Vendors page.

Always obtain a written estimate that includes the usage rights for the images. Consult our Photo FAQ page for general information about photography usage rights, copyrights, permissions, and ownership. Be sure your written estimate specifies how the images will be supplied. Ask your photographer to make sure they enter all relevant information into digital files using metadata, including their name and contact addresses, copyright information, and usage rights. Always adhere to standard university purchasing guidelines.

Get a Photo Model Release or HIPAA Authorization

Written permission to photograph or videotape your subjects is imperative.  You or your photographer must get completed and signed model release or HIPAA Patient Authorization forms from all of your subjects. HIPAA Authorization forms are required when working with patients who disclose health information in any form.

Commercial Stock Photography

For the most generic images, such as foods, a globe, a planet, etc., a stock photo purchased from a commercial supplier will serve your needs. Search the internet for “stock photography” and you will find a multitude of commercial stock houses. Consult our Photo FAQ for general information about photography usage rights, copyrights, permissions, and ownership.