Branded apparel and swag

Branded Apparel and Swag

From shirts and pens to banners and plaques, we’ve got you covered! Shop our licensed retailers for Rutgers branded products. If you want to include your department’s name or event details on an item, contact the Office of Trademark Licensing for help. We will work with you to ensure the swag you want to order for your meeting, event, or promotion is well designed and aligns with the University’s trademark guidelines. 

Branded Artwork Design Assistance and Review

Branded Merchandise Artwork Review FormWe can help guide designs to make sure they meet your needs and follow Rutgers’ identity guidelines. To maintain the integrity of our brand and trademarks, all artwork bearing the Rutgers name and logos must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Trademark Licensing.

Branded Merchandise

All merchandise bearing the Rutgers name and logos must be reviewed by the Office of Trademark Licensing and be purchased from licensed vendors. This review and purchasing through these vendors helps maintain the integrity of the Rutgers brand.

Remember – just because a vendor is listed in Marketplace, does not mean they are licensed to produce products bearing the Rutgers names or logos.