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Communicating about Rutgers

Branding Your Program

To create an identity for your program or initiative there are several tools available for you.

Why Is Branding Important?

The Rutgers name is recognized around the world​. As the eighth-oldest institution of higher education in the nation, Rutgers has built a prominent and credible brand for over 250 years.

Using the Rutgers brand will enhance the visibility and credibility of your program or initiative.

Branding Resources

Create a logo for your program with a unique name linked with the Rutgers logotype. School signatures and many unit signatures have already been created for your convenience.

Rutgers-branded exhibit materials are available for faculty and staff to use at events on and off campus. The kit includes table coverings, banners, podium signs, media backdrops, floor coverings, and other items. 

Rutgers’ brand is strengthened by consistent messaging and visual identity. Learn more about how to leverage the Rutgers brand in your work.

As you think about what your program’s key messages and value points will be, consider building off the Rutgers Value Proposition Statement.