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Guidelines for external marketing content and review.

Policy Information

The policy on Purchase of External Advertising provides guidelines to communicate with external audiences through paid commercial messages.

All members of the Rutgers community should read and understand this policy and its exemptions.

What Does the Policy Do?

  • Ensures that all advertising reflects the established university brand and promotes consistent universitywide messaging.
  • Requires that all sponsored content and advertising receive approval from University Communications and Marketing prior to placement.​
  • Ensures that ads are purchased in compliance with University Procurement Services processes (a purchase order will not be issued without ad review approval from University Communications and Marketing). 

Get My Ad Reviewed

All advertising must be reviewed and approved in advance of placement through an ad review process.

The advertising policy authorizes the Department of University Communications and Marketing to review advertisements for the university to ensure that the university is presented to the public in a consistent and coherent manner, and in adherence to university policies. 

The policy applies to all types advertising, including: 

  • social media ads  
  • out-of-home display ads 
  • conference program ads 
  • traditional print ads 
  • digital banner ads 
  • TV and radio ads
  • sponsored content ads

Policy Exemptions
The following ad types are exempt from the ad review process: job postings, legal notices, classified advertisements, advertisements in campus media (e.g., the Daily Targum, The Observer, and The Gleaner), Institutional Review Board-approved advertising. 

Multiple samples of Rutgers advertising

About Ad Review

  • Before you start the ad review process be sure you have: 

    • Departmental approval 
    • Name of media outlet and/or publisher 
    • Intended impressions 
    • Ad reach (statewide, national, international, etc.) 
    • Cost of the ad buy 
    • Ad run date(s) 
    • Approved creative 

    Once submitted, please allow five days for the review of your submission. 

    NOTE: For approval of Google AdWords please contact the Trademark Licensing Office.    

    If you need assistance with advertising placement or design, please email us at
    Submit Ad for Review 

  • External organizations interested in advertising in Rutgers media and/or at events should contact University Communications and Marketing for more information. 

    Please be aware, university policy does not allow advertising or sponsorships in or on print or electronic materials, websites, or other university assets that students are required to access to complete their studies or that prospective students are required to access when seeking admission to Rutgers.