Trademark Licensing

Trademark Licensing

aspiegeland@ucm.rutgers.eduThe Office of Trademark Licensing, in adherence with university policy, protects and promotes the use of the Rutgers logotype, signatures, symbols, phrases, and any other marks and elements that represent Rutgers University. Here are some of the ways we work with you.

Branded Artwork Review and Design Assistance

Branded Merchandise Artwork Review FormTo maintain the integrity of our brand and trademarks, all artwork bearing the Rutgers name and logos must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Trademark Licensing, prior to production by a licensed vendor. While we strive to review artwork as quickly as possible, please allow at least three business days for review.

Branded Merchandise

All merchandise bearing the Rutgers name and logos must be approved by the Office of Trademark Licensing and may only be produced by licensed vendors. This process helps maintain the integrity of the Rutgers brand.

Guidance Implementing the Rutgers Visual Identity System

Using the university's name, identifying marks, and visual identity system consistently and appropriately helps maintain a strong brand for Rutgers. We can assist you with the proper use of the Rutgers trademarks and other components included in the Rutgers Visual Identity System.

Maintaining Trademark Integrity

If you see the Rutgers name or images used incorrectly, please contact us. The misuse of our trademarks could diminish our brand.

Registration of New Trademarks

The Office of Trademark Licensing can help you register a new mark, phrase, or name. All costs associated with the registration process are the responsibility of the unit seeking the registration. Learn more about how we help you through the trademark registration process for departments.

Vendor Licensing

Vendors who would like to become licensed to produce merchandise with Rutgers' trademarks can contact IMG College Licensing.

Contact Us

If you need assistance, please contact the Office of Trademark Licensing.

Aaron Spiegeland
Associate Director of Trademark Licensing
Phone: 848-932-0586

Elyse Carlson
Trademark Licensing Coordinator
Phone: 848-932-0558