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About University Communications and Marketing 

UCM strives to enhance the public prominence of Rutgers by defining, elevating, and protecting its brand; advancing its reputation; and strategically promoting programs, people, and stories from across the entire institution. UCM is part of the Department of External Affairs at Rutgers.

UCM at a Glance
4 Million
Annual visitors
Media Mentions
Stories citing Rutgers 
Social Media
46 Million
Rutgers Magazine
Annual circulation
​​​​​Rutgers Today
2 Million
Total pageviews

Serving the Rutgers Community

Course Catalogs
1 Million
Total pageviews
Ads reviewed and approved
Photo shoots and image requests
Original videos produced, with 2.7 million total views

Department Highlights

Take a look at some highlights of the work done by UCM.

A report showcasing of our work in Fiscal Year 2020 to enhance the public prominence of Rutgers is also available.

Download the full report [PDF], or view an interactive version.

UCM contributed to the communications needs for the inauguration of Jonathan Holloway as the 21st president of Rutgers, including creating a broad range of promotional materials and graphic elements featuring the inauguration theme Rutgers: This Is What Excellence Looks Like.

The University’s Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

With the coronavirus pandemic unfolding in early 2020, it was vital for the university to convey accurate and coordinated communications to the Rutgers community and media. With the focus on providing timely, multichannel outreach to all appropriate university audiences, UCM managed and disseminated coronavirus-related communications. The department continues to facilitate this work.

“Swag Portal” for Rutgers-Branded Merchandise

UCM in collaboration with University Procurement Services unveiled a new user-friendly “swag portal,” a virtual platform that encourages the strategic sourcing of Rutgers-branded merchandise. The swag portal streamlines the purchasing and design process to secure promotional items.

Faces & Voices tells the Rutgers story through its greatest asset – the students, faculty, staff, and alumni who make it a dynamic place of discovery. Each episode features president Jonathan Holloway in conversation with a member of the Rutgers community. Faces & Voices is a collaborative effort among UCM and other departments to tell the Rutgers story through its community.

University News and Media Relations asked faculty and staff from across Rutgers to share their reasons for getting vaccinated and their thoughts on returning to a vibrant campus community.

Excellence happens at Rutgers every day, and the world needs to know. This strategic initiative highlights the university's thinkers and their contributions to society in the pursuit of education, research, and health care—for the greater good. Outreach includes print and digital advertising, as well as direct email to leaders in higher education. An Exploring Excellence at Rutgers landing page provides the full range of highlights. 

UCM produced a family of five brand videos—one for the university as a whole and one each for the chancellor-led units—that convey through imagery, music, and voiceover the unique personalities, attributes, and experiences of each area. This suite of videos is featured on and used on campus pages.

UCM produced a revised and expanded version of Great Things to Know About Rutgers. The brochure conveys what makes Rutgers a distinctive and highly respected institution and provides an at-a-glance view of our impressive university.

Rutgers Today profiled the essential workers at Rutgers who kept the university running and served those who needed to be on campus while most of the community was working and learning remotely.

In March 2020, UCM launched the newly redesigned website, which serves an estimated 4 million visitors annually. The new site’s approach is focused on our external audiences of prospective students and parents; visually engaging with photos, videos, and scannable facts and figures; streamlined with shorter and well-tested text; scalable for ease-of-use on any device; and designed to be accessible for visitors with disabilities and compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

UCM managed the launch of the Rutgers Holiday Shop, an online marketplace filled with great gifts and Rutgers gear to help everyone celebrate the season.

Get to Know UCM

UCM is part of the Department of External Affairs at Rutgers, which is also home to the offices for State Government Affairs and Federal Relations. In all that the department does, communicating Rutgers’ knowledge and values as a top public research university and increasing the university’s prominence is paramount.

Meet the UCM Team

UCM Leadership

The University Communications and Marketing leadership team includes:

Kim Manning
Vice President
Department of University Communications and Marketing

Rebecca Boucher
Assistant Vice President
University Brand, Marketing, and Creative Services

Dory Devlin
Assistant Vice President
University News and Media Relations

Joanne Dus-Zastrow
Senior Director
Creative Services

Todd Slawsky
Business Services

Rosemary Lyons
Administrative Secretary
Office of the Vice President