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University Communications and Marketing

About Us and Our Work

About Us

UCM is the universitywide communications and marketing office of Rutgers and an essential part of Rutgers’ Department of External Affairs. UCM elevates the public prominence of Rutgers by protecting its brand, advancing the university’s reputation, promoting Rutgers people and programs, and managing initiatives and priorities of the university’s central administration. R-Comm, the communications and marketing office focused on serving the needs of both Rutgers–New Brunswick and RBHS, reports centrally through UCM and External Affairs. This alignment provides opportunities for collaboration, clarity of message, and support of a strategic focus on elevating Rutgers' prestige and reputation.

By the Numbers

Highlights of FY 2021

15.7 million
image downloads
Rutgers Digital Asset Library 
42.8 million
social media impressions
Rutgers Magazine 
2.5 million
Rutgers Today 

UCM Wins Six 2022 Hermes Creative Awards

About 6,500 entries from around the world were entered in the 2022 Hermes Creative Awards, an international competition for the creative and marketing industry. UCM's work was recognized with the following achievements.  

Platinum Awards 

Gold Awards 


Hermes Creative Awards platinum and gold winner logos

Rutgers Excellence Campaign

Excellence happens at Rutgers every day, and the world needs to know. To advance the awareness of Rutgers’ excellence and support a presidential initiative to improve Rutgers' reputation among leaders at peer universities, UCM launched the Rutgers Excellence campaign in 2021. Spotlighting the accomplishments and innovations of our scholars, our multichannel approach to content distribution reached nearly 47 million readers

Rutgers Excellence Reach

UCM created 37 unique pieces of Rutgers Excellence content that were distributed across 14 channels. About 47 million readers received our content and 40 million, or 85 percent, of these readers engaged to learn more.




62 digital and print ads were placed in focused publications including The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, and The New York Times

LinkedIn Sponsored Content

To reach target-specific audiences of academic leaders and alumni working in higher education, 22 sponsored LinkedIn posts were placed.


22,370 visitors from digital advertising, enewsletters, social media, and direct emails clicked through to the campaign landing page to learn more about campaign topics and facts.



Rutgers Research Newsletter

In April 2021, UCM and the Office of Research launched the new Rutgers Research Newsletter reaching about 9,300 academic leaders and researchers with an open rate of 30 percent.

Direct Emails

Using cultivated lists to reach academic leaders and other higher education influencers, UCM sent 25 direct emails featuring university accomplishments and initiatives, promotional content, and faculty and student achievements.

Rutgers Today

Rutgers Today is the universitywide news center promoting news, features, and videos with daily content additions and updates on all things Rutgers. 

Highlights of FY 2021

  • 2.5 million pageviews
  • 615 daily and special issues published
  • 375 stories written or edited

Distribution channels

Rutgers Today enewsletter

Rutgers Magazine

Rutgers Magazine is the only universitywide magazine that promotes Rutgers, its programs, and its people through engaging and informative stories that inspire pride, enthusiasm, and support for the institution among alumni, the university community, and friends of the institution.

  • 155,000 per issue circulation
  • 380 stories produced

  • 49,000+ visits
Rutgers Magazine winter 2022 edition cover

Faces & Voices of Rutgers

Faces & Voices, a collaborative video series, tells the Rutgers story through its greatest asset – the students, faculty, staff, and alumni who make it a dynamic place of discovery and enrichment. Through a series of conversations, President Holloway learns about Rutgers from the individuals who exemplify the university's diversity, commitment, and impact. Shared through Rutgers channels, the series also premiered on the Big Ten Network in January 2022.

Faces & Voices of Rutgers

University News and Media Relations

UCM tracks all news coverage of Rutgers and develops daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual news coverage reports for university leadership and governing boards that capture the breadth and sentiment of the coverage.

Highlights of FY 2021

news stories citing Rutgers
Rutgers experts in the news
9 out of 10
Rutgers news stories are favorably ranked for the institution

Managing Universitywide Social Media Accounts

 UCM tracks, manages, and monitors the five @RutgersU social media accounts: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

Highlights of FY 2021

total social media followers
42.8 million
social media impressions
@RutgersU channels
social media posts

Monitoring Rutgers across All Social Media Channels

UCM uses social media listening tools to monitor the conversations people are having about Rutgers across all social media to gain insights that inform our understanding of public sentiment regarding Rutgers, its reputation, and its overall brand.

1.6 million Rutgers brand mentions in FY 2021

Mentions are counted across over 100 million data sources, in 50+ languages, and across 25+ social networks and other platforms.

Graphic treatment of social media icons

Issues, Emergency, and Crisis Management Communications

UCM coordinates with Institutional Planning and Operations and communication teams across the university to notify the university community of urgent issues, testing, and emergency notifications.

Emergency Communication  

social media impressions, FY 21
faculty, staff, and students reached via universitywide emails

COVID-19 Communications

With a focus on providing timely, multichannel outreach to the Rutgers community and media, UCM manages and disseminates COVID-19 related communications and information for the university community.

UCM continues to maintain the primary source of information for the Rutgers community on university operations related to the crisis and the official document of record on the university’s response to the pandemic.

1.4 million pageviews since launch

UCM, in collaboration with Institutional Planning and Operations, highlighted and profiled employees, our essential workers, who kept the university running and served those who remained on campus while most of the university community remained remote.

A peer-to-peer based testimonial effort to encourage vaccination among faculty and staff was supported by web and social media posts. 

516,800+ social media impressions

Rutgers was the first university to require students become vaccinated. UCM handled media inquiries and disseminated vaccine info.

6,330 vaccine requirement news stories

81,949 pageviews on Rutgers Today

1.2 million pageviews on with COVID-19 alert banner and homepage mosaic

66,000 impressions @RutgersU social media channels


Booster requirement for Spring 2022

The university required booster documentation for eligible faculty, staff, and students.

240 news stories

3,807 pageviews (Rutgers Today)

328,549 impressions on social media

39,283 engagements on social media


Recorded and published a new episode of the ongoing podcast series On the Pandemic, which explores the pandemic, its impact, and the recovery across the university. It’s available on all major podcast platforms and was shared via social media.

25,488 impressions

163 engagements


Rutgers University Cannabis Information Campaign

In support of the Cannabis Decriminalization Impact Task Force, UCM created a comprehensive communications plan to inform the university community about the continued prohibition of cannabis on campus. A webpage includes an extensive list of FAQ, resources, the task force report, and information on relevant university policies about the prohibition of the use and possession of cannabis on university property. 


Rutgers Pride Campaign, #DYKRutgers

UCM designed a campaign to deliver bite-sized institutional facts and figures to build pride among our strongest brand ambassadors: faculty, staff, students, alumni, and Rutgers supporters. Distributed through myRutgers portal, results, and social media, we use #DYKRutgers (Do you know Rutgers?) to frame the collection of weekly university facts many correlating to major news stories, holidays, or events.

Rutgers Pride Campaign graphics

Rutgers Core Component Library

A multi-template, 65+ component building tool for websites that empowers university units to create brand-forward, accessible sites with an improved online presence and better user experience. The RCCL is managed by UCM, R-Comm, and the Office of Research. Using Drupal (and in the future WordPress), the component library will continue to grow to meet the web needs of the university.

Examples of Sites Created by Units Using the RCCL

Photography and Other Digital Assets

UCM launched the new Rutgers Digital Asset Library to store, organize, and share photos and videos with the university community. Providing access to thousands of images and a growing number of videos, the self-serve asset management tool is accessible to faculty and staff who can create collections and share and download assets.

Highlights of FY 2021

  • 17,000+ total assets in database
  • 9,000+ assets downloaded
  • 3,000+ assets added
  • 130 new photo shoots
Login screen of the Rutgers Digital Asset Library