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Great Things to Know about Rutgers

When you think about Rutgers, take a moment to reflect on this:

  • 70,000 students—from every New Jersey county, every state in the nation, and 120 countries—learning and preparing for success
  • Award-winning faculty tackling 21st-century challenges and teaching tomorrow’s workforce
  • Rutgers Health, offering exceptional team-based care
  • Innovation and discovery at a university that fuels the economy and devotes more to research and development than all other New Jersey universities combined
  • 500,000 alumni contributing to the economy and society, in New Jersey and worldwide
  • Community programs with impact, like Rutgers Against Hunger that combats food insecurity in the Garden State

These are just some of the reasons why Rutgers stands out as a premier public research university, doing great things for the world, New Jersey, and you. Learn more in Great Things to Know about Rutgers—an at-a-glance look at a remarkable university that is available as a PDF download and as an ebook.

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