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Great Things to Know about Rutgers

When you think about Rutgers, take a moment to reflect on this:

  • 71,000 students—from every New Jersey county, every state in the nation, and 130 countries—learning and preparing for success
  • Award-winning faculty tackling 21st-century challenges and teaching tomorrow’s workforce
  • Rutgers Health, offering exceptional team-based care
  • Innovation and discovery at a premier public research university that fuels the economy and devotes more to research and development than all other New Jersey universities combined
  • 530,000 alumni contributing to the economy and society, in New Jersey and worldwide
  • Community programs with impact, like Hire.Buy.Live.Newark that boosts the local economy

These are just some of the reasons why Rutgers stands out as an academic, health, and research powerhouse, doing great things for the world, New Jersey, and you. Learn more in Great Things to Know about Rutgers—an at-a-glance look at a remarkable university that is available as a PDF download and as an ebook. When we're back on campus, you'll be able to request copies of the print version and those ordering details will be provided at that time.

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Spread the Word about the Great Things Happening at Rutgers

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  • Include with proposals
  • Email to candidates for graduate and postdoctoral positions
  • Send to prospective undergraduate students or their parents